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.: Home Purchase
  Purchasing a home can be a very traumatic experience. So many choices. So many decisions. So many steps. So much documentation. So much of everything. Let us help you make some of the choices by explaining some of your options. Let us help you with some of the decisions by suggesting the best choices for your own very unique situation. Let us guide you through the steps. Let us help you put together your documentation. Let us help you every step of the way with the process. If you are confused, let us help make things clearer.

Call us at 352-242-1444 or apply online. We can help you now!
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.: Refinance
  How does your current loan compare to others available in today's market? Is it true that you must reduce the rate on your current mortgage by 2 points to have a loan that makes sense financially? What are your options other than rate and term finance? Do you have a debt to consolidate? Is it better to refinance or to do a home equity loan? If I refinance or do a home equity loan, will I have to pay for the closing costs out of my own pocket? What is the best way for me and my family?

Call us at 352-242-1444 or apply online. We can help you to make financial decisions by giving you the facts based on your own individual circumstances.
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.: Home Equity
  Did you know that there are over 10 different variations of home equity loans? Did you know that you can save yourself some major expense if you do a refinance and a home equity loan at the same time? Do you know what a "piggyback" is? Did you know that you can use a home equity loan to finance the down payment for the purchase of a business or commercial property? Did you know that you can use the funds from a home equity loan to fund debt consolidation, home improvements or educational expenses?

Call us at 352-242-1444 or apply online. We will be glad to explain your options and assist you by providing the unbiased facts as they apply to you.
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.: Renovation & Construction
  Building a home to your own specifications is an exciting and challenging time. There are many things to consider. Who do I use to draw up the plans for my new home? Do I have my own lot already? How do I look for a builder? How much cash will I have to contribute and how much will the lender finance? How long will it take for me to have my home C/O'ed and what rate will I pay during the construction period? Is it really necessary for me to obtain a constuction loan? What are my financing options? How do I arrange for permanent financing? What will my closing costs be? Will it be cheaper for me to do a one-time close construction/perm loan? If I want to build an addition, can I use the equity created by the addition to help me obtain a loan? Will it be cheaper for me to just do a home equity loan? Can I use the proceeds of a home equity loan to do my improvements? Today there are more options than there have ever been to build your own home or improve the one that you already own. Often, traditional construction loans are not necessary.

Call us at 352-242-1444 or apply online, we will make this very confusing process easier for you.
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.: First Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home can be exciting. Let us work with you to make sure that this important step is a pleasureable and memorable experience. Government loans are not the only options available anymore. Did you know that you can not only buy a home with no money down, but that you can roll all of your closing costs into the loan as well. Sometimes you can even pay all of your closing costs but also come away from the closing with cash in hand to consolidate debt or enough cash to start furnishing your new home. Often you can do this with absolutely no cash out of your own pocket.

Call us at 352-242-1444 or apply online. Ask for our 103 option or 107 option.

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.: Blemished Credit / Credit Repair
  Have you been bankrupt? Do you have derogatory credit? Do have great credit but employment instability? Did you know that you can still get a good loan? Did you know that we can work with you to get you to the point where you can own your own home? Call us so that we can discuss your situation, we can get you back on track.

Call us at 352-242-1444.
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.: Debt Consolidation
  Are you being bombarded by solicitations for debt consolidation and Home Equity Lines Of Credit? Are you concerned about your debt structure but been unable to make a dent in the amount of money that you owe? Do you have excellent or good credit, but just too much of it? Do you struggle each month with all of your payments, always make the minimum payments only each month or owe a personal debt that you would like to pay back? Do you want to build a pool, an addition or improve your home in some way in addition to consolidating your debt into one easy monthly payment? Did you know that you could do debt consolidation with a home equity loan or with a refinance? Did you know that you can do both at the same time and that you can sometimes eliminate PMI at the same time? Did you know that you do not necessarily have to have a lot of equity in your home to enjoy the potential tax and monthly payment advantages of a debt consolidation loan? Do you have a bunch of questions, but would prefer to sit down with someone face to face to discuss your own very unique set of circumstances? Would you appreciate someone being honest and frank with you? Would you appreciate it even more if the person that you were talking to were candid enough with you that if they thought that debt consolidation was not right for you, that they would tell you so?

In a nutshell, would you like to know what the money center banks would prefer that you not know? Please do not put it off any longer.

Call us now at 352-242-1444, or apply online. We look forward to talking to you.

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.: Zero Equity
  These loans, though we do them often, are not for everyone. The rates, although lower than credit cards, are higher on these loans than a traditional first or second mortgages. They are excellent programs for home improvement and debt consolidation. The credit and income documentation on these loans are very strict. They allow for a loan amount in the second mortgage position that can be up to 125% of your home's fair market value.

Call us for details at 352-242-1444 or apply online. Ask for the 125 option.
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.: Reverse Mortgages
  You must be 62 or older to participate in this program. Interest in this product has been phenomenal over the past three years. It enables a senior to participate in a benefit program that allows the individual to take equity out of their homes without any obligation to pay it back. There are never any payments for the life of the senior. The client can opt to have the funds paid to them in a monthly payment, as a line of credit to draw on or as a combination program. The income is not taxable and it can help to relieve the financial stress sometimes associated with our golden years. You cannot apply for this benefit program ONLINE. A complete credit application is not required and most of the closing costs can be rolled into the credit line.

Call us for details at 352-242-1444 in order that we can answer your questions.
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.: Stated Income / No Documentation
  Are you self-employed? Do you make enough money to afford a home, but can not verify that in a traditional way? Are you a wage earner but much of your income is paid in cash? Never in our history have there been so many self-employed individuals. Until recently, it has been difficult to obtain a loan for the purchase of a home because of the inability of the typical small business to account for income. We have numerous programs available to assist the individual that does not have verifiable income and wants to purchase a home. Some of these programs require no documentation of income or assets and many allow for 100% financing. The interest rates for these programs are excellent.

Call us at 352-242-144 or apply online. Let us show you how easy the process can be.
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